The 25th Annual
Tennis Tournament


We share a common experience, although we have never met.  Like you, I've had heart surgery, and, like you, I have gone through a period of convalescence.  I'm proud to bring you an optimistic message - you can and will get better, and you can and will lead an active and productive life.

Over 25 years ago, when I was recovering from my heart by-pass operation, I realized that physical exercise and diet play essential roles in recovering and maintaining one's health.  That's why I founded a major benefit event for the American Heart Association called the BY-PASS-OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT.

The 25th annual BY-PASS-OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT, which will be held on Monday, August 27, 2018 at the Armonk Tennis Club in Armonk, New York, has three purposes:

      Encourage exercise and participation in sporting events to demonstrate that even those who have had heart disease and/or heart surgery can lead active lives, and to promote awareness of a healthy diet;

      Raise funds for medical research: Since all expenses and services for the BY-PASS-OPEN are donated, the American Heart Association receives the full amount of the funds contributed.

      Have fun and camaraderie with other tennis players and enjoy a good day of round robin doubles.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 27, 2018 at the


GET WELL AND GET GOING! Herman A. Slotoroff, Founder

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